Liquid is an open-source template language created by Shopify. It provides a clean and simple syntax you can use to write PDFMonkey templates and make them highly dynamic.

How PDFMonkey uses Liquid

Liquid v4

We're using Liquid v4 at the moment. This means than any method marked 5.0.0 or above in the official Liquid documentation will not be available in PDFMonkey.

When you write a Template using code, the HTML you write is actually using Liquid. This means that you can insert dynamic data, transform this data, condition the content of your template or loop over lists to repeat some content.

Liquid provides many built-in filters (data transformation helpers) that will be enough in most cases. That said, authoring many templates ourselves, we've discovered the need for some additional ones that we added along the way.

Built-in filtersPDFMonkey filters

In the same spirit, we also extend the default set of features Liquid brings to the table to offer features that might only make sense within PDFMonkey.

PDFMonkey Liquid tags

Complete Liquid documentation

This documentation covers the most useful Liquid features to know when writing Templates. For a complete documentation you can refer to the official one hosted at

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