Including charts in your Documents

Paid account only

Including JavaScript based on their URL is only possible on a paid account. Documents including external JavaScript files will fail on a free account.

You can use most charting libraries to generate charts in PDFMonkey.

Our recommendation

From our experience with charts in PDFMonkey, our preferred option is Chart.js. It works reliably and provides a good variety of charts to include in your Templates.

Working with charts when generating PDF files

For the best experience using charts in PDFMonkey, always think of disabling animations and prefer fixed sized charts by disabling responsive options.

Test things out

To our experience, some charting libraries can cause some rendering troubles, so be careful to test your PDF in multiple environments to check that they display well everywhere.

So far the main one we identified was ApexCharts.js creating black borders around charts when displayed in certain PDF readers, especially on Windows and Android phone.

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