Changing the size of the page and its margins

Setting the page size

You can change the size of your Document's pages in the Template Settings tab. You will be able to select one of our predefined sizes, or set a custom one that will precisely fit what you need.
Sizes are expressed in millimeters, if you need inches, 1 in = 25.4 mm.

Default page sizes in pixels

3177 x 4492
2242 x 3177
1586 x 2242
1121 x 1586
793 x 1120
560 x 795
397 x 560
US Letter
815 x 1055
You can see an example of using this in our How to force a single page page.

Adding margins

You can add margins at the top, left, right and bottom of your Document in the Settings tab of the Template.

When to use margins?

If you're defining header and/or footer in the settings, you will need to give them space by adding margin at the top and/or bottom of the Document.
If you have a very simple document and just want nice margins around it, that's fine too.

When not to use margins?

If you need to have a full-page background color or image, margin will reduce the "printed" content size and prevent the color/image from going border to border.
If you are make a Powerpoint-like document and need each content page to fill an entire actual page using the pixel sizes listed above, don't use margin or it will mess it up.