What happens if I use all of my quota?

When you reach 80% of your quota, you will receive an email to warn you.
Once your quota is depleted, generations will fail until your subscription is renewed.
Future changes
We know a fixed quota is not always ideal. We're currently working on finding the best solution to this situation.
We're investigating ways to address the following cases:
  • One-off overage, allowing quota overage at an extra cost per document
  • Fixed quota graduations (somewhat like Zapier does)
  • Extra generations you can buy as a package and which are consumed when your quota is reached (like Integromat/ extra operations)

Current in-between solution

If you need extra generations, we can enable what we call Boost Packs on your subscription. For a Pro subscription you could get an extra 3000 docs for 15€ (excl. taxes). Just ping us on the chat and we will set it up 😉