Can you create templates for me?

We do offer Template Authoring services. That said, due to our small size (2 people) we have an extremely limited bandwidth and it's reflected in the price tag for this service.

Template Authoring starts at 1000€ per Template. Pricing may vary if the design is complex or contains many dynamic elements like charts.

Extra cost is applied for tight deadlines

Due to high demand and the fact that we have a very small team (basically one person doing all templates in addition to all the tech at PDFMonkey), specifying a deadline shorter than 2 months will come at an extra cost of 500€.

What's the process?

If you do want to take our offer, the next step is to send us the design of your PDF and all the assets (images, custom libraries, license keys, fonts, etc) that will be needed for the creation of the Template.

If you also have samples of your document with various scenario that's even better.

If there elements that need to change according to the provided data, let us know the rules that we need to apply (if a paragraph is displayed only in certain conditions for instance).

We will then proceed to create the Template in your account and will keep you posted during the development phase.

Once we're happy with the result you can test your Template by playing with its test data and if you have any feedback we will update the code.

What if I need you to update my Template?

If you need us to make changes to your Template, let us know and we will send you a quote depending on the charge needed for the change.

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